Dr. Casen DeMaria

With Dr. Casen DeMaria

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Dr. Casen talks about: 

  • How breast thermography is used as a preventative tool (plus what it actually is!)
  • What do my breasts have to do with my fibroids (I knew that was your next question)
  • When is a good time to start breast thermography?

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About Dr. Casen DeMaria

Dr. Casen DeMaria gets to live out her dream job everyday as a chiropractor. As a registered massage therapist, Dr. Casen knew she wanted to continue to add value to the individuals she was helping each day, and enrolled at Life University where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic. Since joining The Drugless Doctors, Dr. Casen actively pursues new ways to reach and educate the community about the benefits of chiropractic, drugless care, and breast thermography, which includes successful partnerships with local businesses and women’s organizations. When she is not helping people you can find her spending time with Dr. Anthony adventuring to new places and bike riding.