Dr. Cindy M. Duke

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Dr. Cindy is a highly accomplished physician, entrepreneur, blogger, content creator and influencer
who writes about issues as they relate to life, health and business for women. Dr. Cindy's keen eye
towards issues affecting those within the Goal Health Diaspora is informed by her own immigrant
upbringing by a single mother. Dr. Cindy is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of
Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine and a research award-winning virologist and published author
of numerous scientific papers, reviews and textbook chapters. Dr. Cindy is also a regular writer on
Medium, including the Startup. Her articles and Social media posts are relatable, easy to read and
notable for topics about health, wellness, business and life. When one reads her blog, it is evident that
Dr. Cindy cares and that her goal is to help every individual achieve their best outcomes, while using
the resources at their disposal.


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