Imani Sorhaindo

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Founder of KMT Rising 

Co-Director of Be me like We 

Imani Sorhaindo was born in Dominica, West Indies and came to the UK in 1979. Her life growing up as a black woman in Ipswich helped to shape the type of person she is, and her passion for community development, social cohesion and health and well-being.

Imani worked for over 30 years within youth and adult education, as a teacher, group facilitator and education manager. Alongside this work, she was the founder member of several voluntary groups such as Black heritage, African Cultural Forum, Windrush, Race for Change and Suffolk African History Collective. Events such as the African and Caribbean markets, African history lectures etc have been put on with the team annually. She is devoted towards the upliftment of our community and says that this is one of her life missions.

Over the last 15 years, Imani has devoted herself to her spiritual development and to improve her own health when she suffered with fibroids. The doctors wanted to suggest a hysterectomy and through sheer determination she researched the subject to such a degree that she started on a journey to heal herself through a change of diet to veganism, stress reduction strategies such as energy work and meditation, and a total lifestyle change. This journey led to her now becoming a qualified holistic health practitioner, life-style coach and teacher to enable others in the community to improve their health and longevity. She is soon to have her book on fibroids and womb-wellness published.

Imani runs local classes in Mindfulness meditation and energy cultivation classes online. She also runs an online Black women’s womb-wellness support group. Her third annual event for women ‘EXHALE’ offers time out for women to listen to a range of cutting-edge health and wellness information, network and shop with a range of female-centred businesses totally dedicated to wellness and empowerment. 

Imani’s newest development is the ‘Womb-An Series’, monthly online webinars on fibroids and how to heal them using holistic strategies. This came out of the need to have a national platform after her most recent Caribbean lecture on fibroids which was a great success.

As a priestess in Ausar Auset Society, her own daily practise of mindfulness breathing, meditation and Qi Qong has enabled her to work towards the full elimination of stress and its harmful effects which can lead to degenerative illness. She is passionate about working with people to improve the way they feel about themselves, address poor self-image and self-worth, and their overall health and well-being.


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