Phyllis Frempong

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Phyllis Frempong, “Fibroid Queen” is a Speaker, Registered Nurse, Fibroids Advocate, Fitness & Yoga Coach. Phyllis is one of the 80% of women affected by fibroids by the age of 50. She was able to overcome pain and suffering from fibroids to pain free and ultimate bliss. Living Her best beyond fibroids, a life she once thought, she could not. She develops holistic & fitness regimens that focus on hormonal issues that women face with fibroids, etc, using a holistic approach to Wellness, and personal growth, with a proven system that combines Yoga, Fitness and Nutrition. Phyllis is on a mission to help millions of women end their suffering with uterine fibroids through Womb Wellness Programs, and a sisterhood community with holistic resources that can help support women on their journey.


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