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Online Show Title:Spiritual Medicine Heal Your Fibroid Pain
Online Show Tagline:Whole Body Healing: Tap into your intuition, trust the divine flow and take ownership of your health.
Host Name:Dr. Andrea Perez
Company Name:Spiritual Medicine Heal Your Fibroid Pain
Online Show Launch Date:January 18, 2021
Promotion Period Start Date:January 4, 2021
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Dr. Andrea Perez

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subj: are you ready to live your best life?

subj: open if you think there’s a better way

subj: are you done with pain?

I believe that we all have the power to heal. Yes, even you <NAME TAG>.

It’s possible that I’m the first person to tell you this... but doctors and healthcare professionals aren’t the ONLY experts of your health. YOU are part of the prescription, too.

One thing I want you to know is that if you’re experiencing abdominal pain, your belly is growing, your periods are off, or you’re having pain with sex - that’s common.

But it’s not necessarily natural. What’s natural is living a 10 out of 10 life. Thriving, not just surviving. 

The good news? Those things can be healed. And there’s no one-size-fits all prescription.

Lucky for you, my colleague Dr. Andrea Perez, or as we call her - The Spiritual Physician - is an expert on that and she’s invited me to speak on her special series that will give you all the resources you need to make the decision that’s best for YOUR health.

It’s called Heal Your Fibroid Pain <LINK> where you’ll Discover how to Intuitively, Naturally, & With Power heal your pelvic pain and live your best life.

Get Access to Heal Your Fibroid Pain >> <LINK>

The best part? These interviews are totally free, and you can join from the comfort of your home because it’s all online. It’s like Netflix for your health.

Dr. Andrea Perez is supportive of ALL healing modalities—from surgery to your mindset—and she covers it all in this series.

And you’ll love my interview on [INSERT TOPIC briefly HERE or OMIT this line].

The series starts soon and you can sign up here <link>


P.S. Did I mention this is totally free? The interviews are the perfect length to give you only what you need to know and sent straight to your inbox so you can tune in when you have the time >> LINK

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If you want to heal your body, ditch your pelvic pain, or get your life back, this free event is for you!

I am SO excited to share that I am going to be an guest speaker on Dr. Andrea Perez’s upcoming online series, Heal Your Fibroid Pain: Discover how to Intuitively, Naturally, & With Power heal your pelvic pain and live your best life

Dr. Andrea, aka The Spiritual Physician, is one of my favorite people, and she really understands this stuff after working with 100s of patients like yourself 🤕

Did you know?

🩺 Having surgery is NOT the only option

💧 Castor oil isn’t just an old wive’s tale 

🥗 Dietary changes can help reduce inflammation 

🧘‍♀️ Energetic causes of pain can linger even AFTER surgery

💊 There are supplements that can help alleviate your symptoms 

👩‍⚕️ Sometimes surgery IS the best option 


And these are only a few things you’ll learn from these exclusive video interviews ✨

PLUS it’s FREE! Click the link to save your spot👇


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If you still have pain, you have to ask- Have I tried *everything*?

➡️I’m talking about pain with sex, bloating, a growing belly... things we normalize as women.

I hope I’m not the first one to tell you this, but while those symptoms are normal, they aren’t natural. 🚫

There is a way to live a 10 out of 10 life 💯 Even if you already had surgery (or don’t even want to SEE that word!) there are still options for you.

And I have great news for you - my colleague, Dr. Andrea Perez is hosting a summit called Heal Your Fibroid Pain: Discover how to Intuitively, Naturally, & With Power Heal your pelvic pain and live your best life.

She’s interviewed me and 20 other experts and personal stories to provide you with all the keys you need to know to choose your path to live pain-free. 💫

I talk about [INSERT BRIEF DESCRIPTION HERE], but there are other options too - and I want you to learn about them all!

Click here to save your FREE spot to access these exclusive interviews >> [AFFILIATE LINK]

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Calling all women: getting rid of your pain for good IS POSSIBLE...And Dr. Andrea Perez has options for you to heal on your own terms. Access her free event, Heal Your Fibroid Pain >> [AFFILIATE LINK] #fibroids #womenshealth

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